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Excursions to the Egadi Islands, Duca di Castelmonte farmhouse Trapani

Excursions to the Egadi Islands

Experience the beauty of the bluest sea. Breathtaking marine landscapes above and below the surface of the sea await you in Favignana, Levanzo and Maretimo. Discover the Egadi archipelago by boat for a truly special experience.

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Tour the wine cellars , Duca di Castelmonte farmhouse Trapani

Tour the wine cellars

Trapani is the most vineyard-rich region in all of Europe. Don’t miss the region’s wine cellars for a taste of our most-loved Sicilian wines during your visit. From wines produced from native local grapes to local experimentation with international grape varietals, Marsala remains the prince of tasting wines accompanied by special pairings.

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Visit the salt flats in Trapani and Marsala, Duca di Castelmonte farmhouse Trapani

Visit the salt flats in Trapani and Marsala

This corner of Sicily has been wedded to the production of salt for millennia. This manmade landscape along the western coast is punctuated by white mountains of salt and large basins of pink seawater. Here, you’ll see incredible examples of animals and plants living symbiotically in one of the world’s most unique ecosystems. Discover the tradition of Trapanese sea salt and the work of the salt makers at the still active windmills.

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Erice and culture, Duca di Castelmonte farmhouse Trapani

Erice and culture

Erice is a medieval village that testifies to a long-ago time and continues to fascinate visitors from all over the world. It has even been transformed into a setting for great film productions. Erice preserves the ancient spirit of this region with its legends and testimonies carved in stone. The village’s commitment to peace and science make it a favourite destination for writers, philosophers and scientists from all over the globe.

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